Sunday, June 20, 2010

Welcome Masters and Doctoral Students - 19 June 2010


Entry kali ini sengaja ingin kuberkongsi dengan semua..Alhamdulillah, semalam, 19 Jun 2010, my fren, Amy n I settled our registration for post graduate studies..tersangatlah ramai umat di Dewan Sri Bestari dan Dewan Annex..xsngka lak ramai yang 'follow' us to continue study in Master and Phd level..and many of us, i could say that they came from other universities and colleges before..and to my surprise, i met Farhana and Nabilah, my ex-officemate at Deloitte..Fana, who was from UIA before, pursue her study in Master of Forensic Accounting and she will be doing part time study while still continue working in Deloitte..very proud of her..and a bit jelous, cz actually i want to choose dat course..ala-ala CSI gitu..tapi, i made my final decision to pursue Master of Accountancy, the general one so dat i can cover everything as a whole..while Nabilah will further full time study, she already took unpaid leave and decide to tender her resignation soon..

So far, everything ran smoothly yesterday..I came to Shah Alam by ktm and reached there at 9am and we could finished our registration at around 10.45am..for the first semester, as a full time student, we need to take 4 compulsory subjects within 10 weeks only..every subject will be 4 hour per session..and then, there will be exam week and continue with another 5 weeks for another 2 papers..if for degree n diploma students, these weeks are called intersession and the same with us as post grad students but what make it different is, the intersession will be held in semester period and not during semester break like under grad..owh Allah, hope i can cope with everything well once i start my study this coming July..

Tapi, Alhamdulillah, we only have morning class and we will be free every, ape lagi..bolehla meneruskan kegiatan sehari2 di hujung minggu dengan so many programs and activities cz monday xd class..hehe..n we can also do part time work in the afternoon and night..really need to do part time works because of so many reasons..n i really hope dat i can contribute sumthing to my sahabiah, to my society and to Perjuangan Islam..not only financial supports, but also, seluruh jiwa dan raga ni selagi termampu..

Really need supports from all of u - my parents;ibu n abah, my family, sahabat2, seniors, kawan2 and teman2 yang mengenali diri ini..i already made my decision to further study and to join this Young Lecturer, i cannot turn back..ignore what people what ibu said, wherever you go, just try do your best in dat, i must think positive..start from now, i need to convince myself that i am the 'future Muslimah lecturer'..and i have to prepare myself towards it..hope dapat train and practise ngaja dengan part time tuition and others.. what is the most important, i want to contribute sumthing in my accounting, for those that have part time work especially tuition, do contact me and i need that to polish my teaching skills before i start lecturing later..eventhough i noe dat lecturing and teaching are 2 different things, but i do hope dat the skills will help me to cope with the more 'senior' students in universities..i want to befriend with them..but i still remember what my ex-boss, Meriel told me..u can make ur students as ur fren but make sure there is a limit..jangan sampai diorg pijak kepala kita..

Wah, terujanya nak sambung blaja..but at the same time, takut, risau, gelisah juga bercampur baur..i am no longer under grad student..i need to be matured already..prepare to be Madam and Mam..hehe..gelaran yg sll diberi kepada our women lecturers..and i also hope, dat i can be a role model to my student..yang blaja ni bukan sahaja inginkan ilmu dunia semata-mata, tapi sakhsiah dan akhlak serta ilmu akhirat juga, hope dat i will have courage to mix up my lecture with sumthing advisable and can be followed by them..let them to think and try to practise in their daily life..

Hm, ape2pun, everything starts with ur niat or what Nabi saw said..Sesungguhnya setiap amal itu bermula dengan niat dan bagi setiap orang itu adalah sesuai dengan apa yang diniatkannya..If niat tu kerana dunia dan isinya, maka itulah yang akan kita perolehi, tapi hanya setakat itu sahaja semata-mata..if kita niat setiap apa yang kita wat kerana Allah dan RasulNya, maka akan berolehlah kita keberkatan dan keredhaan dalam apa yang kita lakukan..yes Allah, i decide to further study because of you, Allah and i want to be a lecturer also because of you..permudahkan jalanku dan didik diriku menjadi seorg pendidik yang baik..Ameen

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